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Welcome to Petra Kouzina, an authentic and fun gastronomic experience where you will cook, share, taste and enjoy warm hospitality in our traditional home. Our cooking lessons are informal and relaxed, with a balance of professional and home-style culinary experience.

By means of food, in Petra Kouzina you will gain a better understanding of local life and culture.

let’s start the experience...

As a guest, we welcome you to our Cave House with some appetizers and local wine, while you get to meet your partners throughout this experience. A brief introduction to the history of local products and gastronomy will be shared with you.

Our chef will guide you to the kitchen in order to start your cooking journey. You will participate in the preparation of traditional Greek dishes incorporating fresh local ingredients and will learn tips to make your food delicious.

Let´s enjoy what we have prepared together! In a beautiful terrace you will share and taste your meal with the rest of our guests and your partners in this experience.

Before leaving you will receive a specially designed menu with all the recipes created so you can continue enjoying the experience at home and delight your friends with Greek cookery.

Semi-Private Experience




Includes the materials, supplies and tools needed for the class.
Final meal and drinks during the experience are also included.

Classes are held everyday at 11:00hrs.

Private Experience

In order to book an exclusive experience only for your group please contact us directly to to check availability and rates.

Important: Groups of 8 or more guests can only reserve a private class at Petra Kouzina.

Private classes are held everyday at 17:00hrs.